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Traditional Fundraising at OBRC Plant Locations

Our traditional fundraising program allows your nonprofit group to collect large amounts of deposit containers, turn them in at one time, and receive a check for the deposit amount.

How to get started:

  • Review the Fundraiser Container Count Procedures. This document outlines how to collect and drop off your containers, as well as fees for supplies and contact information for scheduling drop off appointments.
  • Apply online for a fundraising account with OBRC. We require there be a single point of contact for each fundraiser. You must submit a current copy of the IRS verification letter stating your group’s status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in order to be considered. Upon successful submission, a copy of the application will be e-mailed to the contact person's email address.
  • Applications typically take between 10-15 business days to be processed, and we may reach out to the contact person for additional information. Approved accounts are charged a $25 processing fee, which is deducted from the first check that is sent to your organization.

Once your account is set up:

  • Schedule a pick up time to get bags and boxes for container collection.
  • Schedule a drop date and time in advance. (Drops are often booked up to 6 weeks out.)
  • A check will be mailed to your organization at the address associated with your non-profit ID# for the whole deposit amount collected. (Please allow 2 weeks for processing.)
  • Please click here to download forms and detailed container collection instructions.

For Questions Contact:

Clackamas Plant Admin (Clackamas/Salem)
Eugene Plant Admin (Eugene/Bend/Medford)