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Beverage Container Fundraising

Want to raise money for a nonprofit organization using the Oregon Bottle Bill? Choose the fundraising option that is right for you.

1. Traditional Can Drive

If you want to hold a fundraiser, collect a large number of deposit cans and bottles and drop them off at one time, this option is for you. Learn how to set up a traditional fundraising account with OBRC.

2. BottleDrop® Featured Fundraising Account

Featured Fundraising Accounts allow other BottleDrop® account holders to donate funds to your cause at BottleDrop®Centers.com. Learn how to have your charity featured on BottleDropCenters.com. BottleDrop® cannot accommodate large container drops at this time. Featured Fundraising Accounts are for online donations only.

3. Basic BottleDrop® Account

If you would like to raise funds for a cause that is not affiliated with a nonprofit organization by bringing in smaller amounts of deposit containers on an on-going basis, you can use a basic BottleDrop® Account. Learn how to open a BottleDrop® Account.