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About OBRC and the Services We Offer

Oregon’s beverage container deposit law, (ORS 459A. 700) establishes a refund value for many types of beverage containers sold in Oregon. The law requires businesses that distribute or import beverages in the state of Oregon to accept empty containers from retailers or at redemption centers, and provide refunds for each container they collect. Distributors and importers are also required to fill out all necessary state reporting and process the material that they accept.

OBRC is a cooperative owned by Oregon beverage distributors. As a cooperative, we operate on a low-cost basis on behalf of our membership.

OBRC offers the following services which help keep distributors and importers compliant with Oregon’s Bottle Bill:

  • Receive all deposits from distributors and pay out all refunds, either by reimbursing retailers or directly paying consumers.
  • Pick up and recycle all containers from retailers and transport them to centralized processing plants. At these plants, OBRC compacts separated material into bales.
  • Complete state-required reporting and container registration to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.
  • Lease, sell and service “reverse vending machines” for on-site compaction of containers at retail locations.
  • Provide other member services, such as full-product destruction.

Please email membership@obrc.com if you have any questions or are interested in joining our program.