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Community Involvement

We love where we live. Our employees and members have the privilege of knowing their daily work makes a vital contribution to a cleaner, greener Oregon. Additionally, we contribute to the community through our outreach programs and sponsorships. We love working with organizations with a mission in line with our values here at OBRC. Through our BottleDrop Give program, we’ve partnered with over 800 Oregon non-profit organizations. Visit the BottleDrop Give, to learn more about how we are helping deliver much needed resources to non-profits Learn more about how to become one of our non-profit fundraising partners, or how to donate to our partners, at www.bottledropcenters.com/give. Some of our biggest partners include SOLVE, the Beaver Athletics Sustainability Team and Oregon State University, Boy Scout Troup 282 and the University of Oregon, and the Portland Timbers’ Stand Together Fund.


We remain committed to Governor Tom McCall’s vision of a litter free Oregon. So, we cultivated a lasting partnership with one of Oregon’s leading stewardship and conservation organizations founded by the Governor himself. SOLVE coordinates 900 projects throughout the state aimed at keeping our shared spaces pristine. OBRC sponsors Project Oregon, a concentrated SOLVE initiative supporting restoration projects and volunteer litter clean ups. Project Oregon focuses its efforts outside of the Portland metro area to broaden its impact.

Oregon State University

The Beaver Athletics Sustainability Team (BAST) is a student organization committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship at OSU athletic events throughout the academic year. OBRC has helped them create a tailgate container collection program that increases recycling at football games and financially supports the sustainability team.

University of Oregon

Together with Boy Scout Troop 282 we have collected and recycled thousands of containers from the football tailgate area. Deposits are used by the troop to help pay for camping trips, scout trainings, and community service activities.


We stand with the Timbers. You may have seen us outside Providence Park, distributing green bags supporting the Portland Timbers Community Fund (PTCF). A fund supporting charitable organizations committed to youth health & wellness, education, and the environment.