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Who We Are

OBRC was formed in January 2009 out of a merger between Container Recovery, Inc. and Beverage Recyclers of Oregon. Combined, we have nearly 40 years of experience in bottle bill operations. We are a cooperative corporation owned by Oregon beverage distributors and grocery retailers. We manage the deposit flow, reimburse grocery retailers for refunds paid to the public, pick up and process returned beverage containers across the state and operate BottleDrop Redemption Centers. We are not a government agency nor funded by any Oregon tax dollars.

After empty beverage containers are collected by our fleet of tractor trailers, they are counted, sorted, crushed and baled in preparation to be recycled at one of eight facilities around the state—located in Portland, Eugene, Medford, Bend, Pendleton, Ontario, Klamath Falls and Astoria.

As a result of What We Do, more than 138 million pounds of beverage containers stay out of our landfills each year and we all enjoy a cleaner, greener Oregon.