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Stats and FAQ’s

What is the national recycling rate on beverage containers?
Over 40%

What is Oregon's recycling rate on beverage containers?
Over 80% -- double the national average and higher than most other states with Bottle Bills.

How many pounds of waste does OBRC keep out of landfills each year?
21.3 million pounds of aluminum, 13.4 million pounds of PET, and 104 million pounds of glass .

How long does it take for aluminum, PET (plastic) and glass to biodegrade in a landfill?
Scientists estimate 200 years for aluminum, 500 for plastic, and possibly a million years for glass.

What are some uses for recycled containers?
Aluminum can be made into new beverage containers, baseball bats, cookware, and license plates. PET can be used for carpet, clothing and toys. Recycled glass can be recycled for insulation, home decor such as tiles, road constructions and, of course, new glass containers.

How is the Oregon government involved in implementing the Bottle Bill?
Although the Oregon Liquor Control Commission provides basic oversight, the beverage industry in Oregon is responsible for funding and implementing the Oregon Bottle Bill. No taxpayer dollars are used for day-to-day operations.

I've heard that many "recycled" containers just end up in the landfill. Is that true?
No, OBRC counts, processes and recycles every container we collect.

Why didn't the machine take some of my containers?
The reverse vending machines located at grocery stores are programmed to accept only valid, redeemable containers for beverage brands sold in Oregon. Make sure you do not crush your cans and bottles and that the UPC code is readable. If you believe a container is valid for a deposit return, take it to the customer service counter inside the store.

I live in Oregon but sometimes shop in Washington. Can I return containers I bought in Washington?
No. Only redeemable containers purchased in Oregon can be returned for the container deposit. Please use curbside to recycle containers.