OBRC. The Bottle Bill. A Cleaner Oregon.

About OBRC

We are a member-owned, cooperative corporation. OBRC was formed in January of 2009 out of a merger between Container Recovery, Inc. and Beverage Recyclers of Oregon.  Combined, we have over 30 years of experience in bottle bill operations. We pick up from nearly 3,000 grocery stores then count, sort, crush, bale and recycle millions of containers a day. The entire process is handled by beverage distributors and the retail industry – at no cost to the taxpayer.

OBRC is now picking up and processing nearly 100% of all containers redeemed throughout Oregon. These containers are taken to one of five facilities around the state. The processing facilities are located in Portland, Eugene, Medford, Bend, and Pendleton.

As a result of What We Do, and How We Do It, more than 120 million pounds of containers stay out of our landfills each year, and we all enjoy a cleaner, greener Oregon. Read more